Friday, November 26, 2010

Willow Loves

I thought we'd move away from the medical today and share with you what Willow loves. She loves like she does everything else, intensely!!!

Willow loves animals, all animals she can sign pretty much any animal you want to throw at her, she loves her massive stuffed Lion, Pig and Monkey. Books about animals and her two dogs Grizzy and Nenina


Willow has always loved her blankets. Originally it was over her head and now just in the standard way and if no blanket is available a jumper will do :)

Willow always like playing with the coloured rice at ECIS and she really needed to work on her spoon skills and i don't know the technical term but learning that you can empty something by tipping it up.
So i made her some myself and a few people wanted it so I've sold a few bags as well.
This is the only activity that she'll stick at for more than 30 seconds, she plays with it a few times a day and now i can wash up two handed

Ice Cream
Willow would eat this 24/7 if allowed

 and last but certainly not least

Oh how Willow loves her sisters and my goodness how much do they love her. For a baby who has cried constantly, taken their mother away many time when she's in hospital, constantly been in my arms, you'd understand if they were a little resentful.  But no, my two big girls are very, very special.  They are always willing to help around the house when I'm tied down due to willow being sick, they can even make simple meals.  Not only this they have been inspired by what they've seen their sister go through. To date they have had three fundraisers for the local children's ward, the latest resulted in them breaking a world record. They raised 8254 soft toys, they children's ward took all the new ones, almost 2000 and the rest were donated to other local Charity's.
Did i say very special girls yet?
They love their little sister as much as she loves them, about 12pm Willow starts signing Car, School, Julie, Sissy, i tell you it can be a very long couple of hours till 3....Then the house fills with girly giggles and screams of delight xxxx

mud pie kitchen


  1. Hi Sally, you and your girls are amazing. I am so in awe of you all, and how you manage to keep smiling. Come and talk to me at the pharmacy, if there is anything at all we can do to help, we'd be honored.