Friday, November 26, 2010

My mum loves to make things pretty

Yes it's true i do like to make things pretty, maybe not to most grown up tastes but i like to make lasting childhood memory's out of simple things.

The Big Girl's Room

Miss Willow's Room
With her sunny day sky ceiling and her piggy chalkboard i made 

Food with Faces


Happy Feet
Dip Bouquet

Piggy Bento

Fruit Bouquet

My 2nd Birthday Barnyard Party
This was planned for outside but i woke up on the morning of the party to pouring rain, so without hesitation i moved all of the furniture out of the lounge and moved in the hay bales!!

Haybale Sheep and Piggy

Party Bags

Grasshead party favours

Duckpond Bubbles

The welcoming Scarecrows

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  1. I love your bento boxes! They are adorable! You did such a great job. I found your website from your post on the TS Facebook page. My youngest daughter has TS and I have been looking into natural alternatives to hgH and other health issues. I encourage you to keep trying different things for the health of your precious daughter. She is worth it.