Thursday, December 16, 2010

The big trip

I’m finally getting around to writing about our Melbourne trip, so many people have been asking and I could only get around to so many, and that’s why I started a Blog J

We went to see Richard Malter who is the only practitioner of BiDigitalORing in Australia. He is an old friend from when I lived in Melbourne previously and has been offering to help since Willow was born but I didn’t want to go to Melbourne and couldn’t even afford it if I did want to. Also I didn’t really understand what he did.

After willows latest diagnoses and another run of hospital stays I decided to try and get my brain to work and actually read the info. It was quite fascinating and also I didn‘t really have any other choices.

So I sold pretty much everything I had of value, which wasn’t much, it was mostly my beloved books. I keep telling myself I can always replace my books but Willow is a one of a kind <3 <3 I got together the $550 for the boat fare plus extra for petrol etc through the power of FaceBook.

We had a great drive up to the boat on the 1st stopping at Perth where Will got the chance to sign BIG TRUCK about 50 times. She LOVES trucks. Then as we were running early we also stopped at Ashgrove cheese, Willow was fascinated by all the cows and completely freaked out by all the model cows.

I didn’t know what Willow would think of the boat or if she’d even really get we were going on one. But OMG I have never seen her more excited. BIG BOAT, BIG BOAT SLEEP over and over and over… She stood for and hour or so out on deck once we started moving, mesmerised by…well i don’t know exactly. The view, the waves, the momentum, I don’t know but I do know it was something special for her.

After that we went to our cabin, (which I’d previously glen20’d…lol) as I was to worried about her getting sick so socialise. Willow didn’t sleep till about 3am. She just keep sitting up suddenly signing BIG BOAT SLEEP over and over and over. “no Willow your not sleeping your talking” but we survived ;)

The next day was our appointment, we stopped in at my dear friends Mark and Skyes our home base at Cheltenham to freshened up, and continued on to Richards practise at Frankston

It was a really interesting technique and when I found out Will would have to lay without me touching her I knew it would be impossible seeing as it would take at least 2 hours. But Willow must have felt it was nessacary and that she was safe as she let them do what they needed to do with some coaxing.

End result

She has very high levels of Mercury,, and so do I, well mine were more extreme, so I’m passing more on every time i feed her. Now to medically clear out Mercury it’s a horrible process involving dialysis but it canals be done with a simple Coriander Tincture.

Also they found a deep seated infection in her liver

The really scary part for me was her Telomere levels they were very very very short, unfortunately I understood what that meant , it makes me sick just thinking of it. For those who aren’t up with there cellular biology here’s a brief explanation.

Telomeres are a region of your DNA; they are found at the end of DNA strands, giving a form of protection to your DNA. For life to continue, your cells have to divide. But each time your cells divide, your telomeres shorten. When your telomeres shorten down enough, cell division ceases to occur and life ends. Thus telomere length is closely related to your life expectancy.

Richard thinks though that once we sort the mercury and Liver out that the Telomere levels should improve if not there are other avenues we can take. Gosh,I now know why I hadn’t written this blog update yet. Because I really didn’t want to put that in writing as it somehow makes it a even more real and scary.

The plan of attack…..

To clear the Mercury levels for both me and Will, which will take 30 days. Then we’ll have to go back over We’ll come home with a machine that gives out a electrical pulse which I’ll put on her whilst she sleeps that’ll have to be on for 300 hours. Then we’ll go back over and we’ll go from there.

Do I 100% know or even believe in all this, to be honest I have to say no, but I’m completely sceptical about most of her medical treatments to. But what else does a mother do? How could I look back and say if only? How can I say I can’t afford it? She’s my baby!!! But from the research I have done it has premise and the treatments are very safe so why not. The only thing in our way is the cost but I’m confident I can come through for my precious girl xxx

Next blog’s will be on all other things we did in Melbourne and some of the many pictures, plans to turn the yard into a permiculture organic oasis, to help keep us all healthy and bouncing fundraising ideas around for the garden and travels.

Take care everyone and hug your children xxx

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