Sunday, November 21, 2010

Starting Willow's blog

I've started willows blog as there has been so much intrest in my little girls journey.   The intrest started when my big girls started  fundraising for the childrens ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital.  Now i have many people offering donations to help us with traveling to melbourne for alternative therapies.

So i will update this blog with her history to date tonight and then i will keep it updated on how our journey to get our Willow healthy goes. 

I'll put a Paypal Donate button on here as i'm way to uncomfortable about accepting money but i know what it's like to want to help.  It just feels funny as we are normally the ones fundraising for others.  

We are heading over to Dayelford this week for assesment, traveling by the ferry as Willow can't take flying.  Then once we know where we stand we'll come home organise ourselves and we may have to head back for a few months, so i'll have my big girls to.  Ideally i'd like to hire a campervan to have with us and also have enough to fly the big girls back home for christmas.

Thanks again for everyones intrest in my special little girl, i would do anything for her even give up my life long motto of  "I'm fine i can do it myself" ;) Apparently i was saying it as a toddler and i never stopped

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